Academic Tutoring

CPC 1:1 and small group tutoring sessions are available for algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, reading/writing comprehension, physics, calculus, and study skills. Each session is one hour.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Package

We get it! Students are busy schedules are hectic. At CPC we have designed our test prep program to internally motivate students to want to study and boost their confidence for test day. Designated professionals, face to face instruction, specialized resources and flexible schedules all contribute to the proven methodology of test>grade>review>repeat.

College Planning

Whether you are an under or upperclassman, a planner or procrastinator we are here to support during your college planning process. CPC's dedicated professionals and specialized resources help students optimize their educational opportunities post high school. Employing a proven process to make college planning introspective, less stressful and fun.

College Essay Support - Get Your Essay Done and more!

The best universities could simply select their freshman class by ranking students according to GPA, test scores and achievements...but they don't. Admission officers look at your college essay as a way to choose an ideal student body. Often the highest qualified students on paper hail from very similar backgrounds. Admission officers understand that students who belong to their program can come from anywhere.

We are standing by to support with individual brainstorming sessions, weekly classes, customized digital tools, and up to 3 professional essay draft reviews.

Our program is designed to boost confidence so that students can understand who they are, what they love and put those passions to paper.

Sophomore Year College Planning Package - You Are On Your Way

We will review your curriculum to ensure it meets high school & college requirements as well as consider challenging courses. Students will keep examples of their best writing and receive coaching on writing skill. Artists will begin creating their portfolio. Student-athletes will start collecting videos of highlights. Study & time management skills are reviewed & re-examined. Students will be encouraged to try new activities & begin to take up leadership positions within clubs and org and setting goals in developing their college profile

Freshman Year College Planning Package - Start Off Right

Look ahead! Do you want to go to a four-year college, community college or a tech school? Your CPC counselor will meet with you over the course of your freshman year to ensure the courses you are taking meet the requirement for your goal. We will provide organizational tips, study skills and recommendations on how to get involved. Students will also be given tools to take a break from your computer and phone and begin to expand your vocabulary and read. We will also begin the conversation of college costs, funding options and developing a college profile. Grab a session and let's get started!

Algebra 2 Small Group Tutoring


Geometry Small Group Tutoring - 20 Sessions - 1st Semester

Geometry tutoring in small group sessions of 3 students from the same class will support student learning throughout the 1st semester. 20 sessions are offered with this package. CPC's math tutoring is designed for the student who is struggling with specific content or is looking to improve their grades. Dr. P has worked in education since 1966 and has been a tutor for over 18 years. He believes that every student can be successful in math and has spent his career trying to prove that. His greatest joy (aside from golf) is to help students who struggle in math to recognize that they can do it and enjoy math, just ask some of his successes.

1:1 Math Tutoring Package Sessions

CPC offers private, one-on-one tutoring to middle and high school students for high school math curriculum. All our tutors are college-educated and well-versed in the local school district curriculum that your child is learning in class. Benefits of one-on-one tutoring include individualized attention to your child’s learning needs, self-paced learning, customized learning plans and a comfortable environment where students can ask questions freely. Please note 1:1 tutoring schedule times are limited primarily to slots available from 2:30 - 3:30; 3:30 - 4:30 and 4:30 - 5:30 on weekdays at $65 per session